ECOSMA – Ecological Certification of Sustainable Marine Aquaculture Products

Project description

ECOSMA aims to promote the production and marketing of ecologically produced marine aquaculture products. The aim is to harmonize environmental and economic interests and to create positive awareness for sustainable ecological marine aquaculture.

ECOSMA connects the different stakeholders from industry, science and politics as well as the general public and consumers in the process. The starting point is Northern Germany, with networking into the European region.

–> Guide for sustainable marine aquaculture (German)

Project staff:

  • Dr. Monika Kock, project management
  • Dr. Peter Krost, Managing Director CRM
  • Dr. Levent Piker, Managing Director CRM
  • Dr. Stefan Rehm, Project Management

Period: 2009 – December 2011


Dr. Monika Kock Coastal Research & Management CRM

Dr. Monika Kock