Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance

The Alliance brings its users together with the services, facilities, and experts to take their product development to the next level.

Project description:

In line with the concept of the EU Agenda for Sustainable Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region, the ALLIANCE project promotes collaboration among blue biotechnology stakeholders. Blue biotechnology is a sector with great potential as Europe moves towards a bio-based economy. It can be tapped for products such as new medicines, biofuels, food, and nutritional supplements. It will also play a key role in developing ecosystem services related to clean water. This potential is impressive, but – to date – largely untapped, with realization still in its infancy.

A major difficulty in bringing blue biotech products to market is the fact that not every single Baltic Sea Region country can provide the resources and know-how to go from idea to finished product on its own. The Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance aims to close this gap by developing and implementing optimal transnational product development chains. These will enable efficient use of and comprehensive access to the full diversity of facilities, (bio)resources, and know-how available in the region and beyond, thus pooling national capacities.

Alliance experts know the structure and specific disciplines of the sector and can respond to their needs. We are working to create a functioning network of players as we work with our initial customer “cases.” We take a needs-based approach and develop a truly useful service offering. One of our main goals is to develop blue biotechnology products through integrated, transnational value chains.

To achieve this, we match our users with the services, facilities and experts they need to take their idea to the next level. Not only do we find the right partners to drive a project forward, but we also help to create the necessary financial, legal and organizational conditions for the project to be realized within the transnational product development chain.

CRM’s task:
CRM is developing a super-antioxidant algae extract as a bioactive raw material for the cosmetics industry.

Project collaborators: Dr. Levent Piker: managing director CRM, project leadership/management.
Funding by: EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region
Period: November 2016 to October 2019
Project partners: 19 partners from across the Baltic Sea Region.


Dr. Levent Piker Coastal Research & Management CRM Kiel Holtenau Tiessenkai

Dr. Levent Piker