Aquaculture Consulting

We have over 20 years of experience in planning and developing sustainable marine aquaculture projects. For example, we were involved in the establishment of the first mussel farm on the German Baltic coast and have been cultivating sugar kelp in the Kiel Fjord for over 20 years. We are leaders in the development of cultivation techniques for previously uncultivated species (e.g. bladderwrack, sea lace, cockle, mullet). We have also accompanied several international aquaculture projects e.g. in Chile, Greenland, Iceland, Israel and Indonesia.

Based on this long-lasting experience we offer consulting along the entire process of your aquaculture project from the project idea to the market-ready product:

  • farm licensing, relevant governmental authorities
  • species selection (What can be cultivated where? What should be cultivated where?)
  • cultivation techniques (breeding, growth, harvesting)
  • licensing and marketing of products
  • environmental impact assessment for the licensing of farms
  • production of seeded culture substrates for the production of different local seaweed species (Chorda filum, Fucus spp., Saccharina latissima and others)

We also offer a broad network of contacts in the industry and can help you get to know relevant key players


Dr. Rafael Meichßner Coastal Research & Management CRM Kiel Holtenau Tiessenkai

Dr. Rafael Meichßner