Company Profile

CRM was founded in Kiel in 1993 by experts from the field of marine research. The company understood and still understands itself as a consulting office for marine environmental assessments, environmental monitoring, modern coastal zone management and environmentally friendly construction support in coastal areas. In the course of time, further business areas have been added to these core competencies.

Sustainable marine aquaculture became a focal point, leading to the establishment of the first mussel and algae farm in the Kiel Fjord. In addition to cultivation, the utilization of algae also became an important R&D topic, leading to the spin-off of oceanBASIS GmbH, which produces and sells algae-based cosmetics and foodstuffs.

In addition, the biotechnological utilization of algae and other marine organisms and their bioactive ingredients is also a field of research at CRM. For this purpose, we are also increasingly using bioinformatics methods, for which we also see great potential in environmental research in the future.

It is a matter close to our heart to transfer our knowledge about the ocean and the manifold interrelations between human activities and the marine ecosystem to society and to pass it on to the next generation. We try to realize this knowledge transfer through different educational offers.

  • 1993


  • 1996

    First major environmental impact assessment completed


  • 1999

    First algae farm in Germany established

  • 2001

    Spin-off oceanBASIS


  • 2014

    Spin-off Kieler Meeresfarm

  • 2022

    Spin-off Rewind