EPIFOOD – Effects of caloric restriction on lipid metabolism and inflammation (investigation of long-term effects of diets)

Establishment of epigenomics in biomedical nutrition research

Contact Person:
Dr. Levent Piker

Project description:

The aim is to examine the long-term effects of reduced calorie intake on human health. In addition, it will be tested how it influences the expression and function of key genes of fat metabolism and inflammation.
Another goal of the project is the development of functional foods (“epifood”), which simulate calorie reduction and thus have positive effects on health.

Task of CRM:

CRM works on extracts / extract fractions from marine red, green and brown algae. These extracts are tested in various models for their effect and are collected in a database (PECKISH).


  •  Dr. Levent Piker, project manager
  •  Dipl. Ing. Marion Zenthoefer


April 2009 to March 2012


Federal Ministry of Education and Research – BMBF