Aquaculture of the thick-lipped mullet Celon lambrosus


Dr. Monika Kock

Project description:

The aim of the funded project is to cultivate the thick-lipped mullet. The mullet has only become indigenous to the Kiel Fjord in recent years. It only feeds on plants and is therefore particularly suitable for sustainable, emission-free and nutrient-neutral marine aquaculture.

Project tasks of CRM:

In addition to project management, CRM will develop methods and technical solutions for the management of mullet in cages. These include monitoring of feeding, observation of the behavior of animals in cages and monitoring of fish health.
Furthermore, CRM will look at the economic prospects of fish farming with mullet.

Tasks of the project partner:

The Fraunhofer Institute for Marine Biotechnology in Lübeck carries out experiments on the reproduction and larval rearing of mullets on a laboratory scale.
Tassilo Jäger-Kleinicke (Kiel salmon trout) will catch adult mullets in the Kiel fjord and keep them in its net cages.


  • Dr. Peter Krost, Executive Director of CRM
  • Dr. Monika Kock, project leader at CRM
  • Dr. Ronny Marquardt, EMB Lübeck
  • Dr. Liane-Magdalena Lühmann, EMB Lübeck
  • Dipl. Biol. Tassilo Jäger-Kleinicke


Ministry of Economy of Schleswig-Holstein


January 2014 to December 2015

Project partner

  • Fraunhofer Einrichtung für Marine Biotechnologie, Lübeck
  • Fischzucht Tassilo Jäger-Kleinicke („Kieler Lachsforelle“)