EU supports cooperation between science and industry in the Baltic Sea region

CRM as partner in the “Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance”.


In line with the concept of the EU agenda for sustainable blue growth in the Baltic Sea region, the ALLIANCE project promotes the cooperation of blue biotechnology stakeholders.
The aim is to create global competitiveness by pooling the capacity of participating institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprise clusters. The players already gained have a great potential for innovation and the further links are being actively promoted. Thus, in so-called “cases” is tested in practice, such. Technology and knowledge transfer can be optimized. A case is, for example, the development of a bioactive extract for the cosmetics industry with special anti-aging effects by CRM – Coastal Research & Management. The small Schleswig-Holstein company headquartered in Kiel-Holtenau specializes in applied marine research and the sustainable use of marine organisms.
Specifically, the project promotes the development of transnational links by allowing access and effective use of a variety of facilities (bio) resources and expertise. For their part, the actors provide information for optimizing performance and overcoming legal and financial hurdles. Services will be complemented by joint marketing activities, market studies, legal and financial advice, and suggestions for future research and facility design.

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