Links to descriptions of the projects with CRM participation within the BMBF innovation area “Bioeconomy on marine sites”:

Marine – or Blue – Bioeconomy is one of the most relevant innovation areas. CRM is a leading R&D company in Germany in this field.

The innovation area BamS supports the change to the blue bio-based economy in Germany.
The partners of eight joint projects in the innovation area deal, among other things, with the optimisation of the keeping conditions for fish in aquaculture facilities (Biofia & OptiRAS) as well as the sustainable use of regionally produced algae for high-quality fatty acids and marine sugar compounds for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry (BALI) . In cooperation with companies, researchers develop new foods from mussels or produce fish feed from algae mash (LaMuOpt). The algae mash is created during the production of extracts from algae. Furthermore, it is investigated which algae and floating plants thrive in surface wastewater from biogas plants (ÖkoPro). In addition, the partners in the innovation area are developing water purification systems with the help of plants and microalgae, which are to be used in aquaculture systems and as floating islands (HaFF). These research projects are supported by service-oriented implementation projects that support blue entrepreneurship (AQUATOR) and set up a blue knowledge portal (SmartBlue)

Please take a look also to the website of the BamS-coordinator CAU – Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel (in German)