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HaFF – research project for good water quality started

Since May 1, 2020, the HaFF research project has been dedicated to the reduction of nutrients in the wastewater of aquaculture plants and in the water body of nutrient-rich surface waters. This project, coordinated by CRM – Coastal Research & Management, is embedded in the research project “Bioeconomy on Marine Sites (BaMS)”.

Enzymes from algae bear great bio-industrial potential

REA – The biotechnological research project on enzymes from algae Algae have great potential for the development of new or better enzymes. Redoxenzymes from algae (REAs) in particular can serve as attractive products in the bio-industry, since many refinements in the biotech industry are based on redox reactions.

Fucoidan – versatile and useful

Fucoidan – a complex group of sulfated polysaccharides found in brown algae. Because fucoidans have extensive biological activities, they are increasingly considered to be promising candidates for well-being, health and medical applications.