REA – Redox Enzymes from Algae


Dr. Yu-Chen Wu
Dr. Levent Piker

Project description:

Aiming at a marketable algae-based marker enzyme that is superior to previous solutions, an optimal value creation from algal biomass from marine sites in Germany is to be generated by way of example. It is based on innovative approaches to extraction, enrichment, characterization, recombinant expression, genetic engineering and coupling to antibodies.
The scientific and technical objectives are:
I. Establishment of a transcriptome database from selected marine species.
II. Establishment of a protein- and a cDNA-repository (biotech toolbox) with focus on redox proteins with potential for industrial applications from a range of selected and yet unexplored marine species.
III. Cloning and recombinant expression of promising redox proteins and genetic engineering of a successful candidate for further development (particularly as antibody marker).
IV. Genetic fusion of recombinant microperoxidases with recombinant antibodies (antibody fusion proteins) for immunoassay development, western blotting and evaluation in diagnostic applications.

Project tasks of CRM:

Project tasks of CRM are the procurement and storage of algae, bioinformatics, establishment of a database (protein repository), project management.

Co-Worker at CRM:

  • Dr. Yu-Chen, Projektleitung, Datenbank-Etablierung
  • Dr. Levent Piker, Wirtschaftliche Verwertung, Projektbetreuung, Geschäftsführer CRM
  • Dr. Ehrhard Sioli, Algen-Sourcing, -Experimente und -Extraktion
  • Dr. Steffen Hennig, Bioinformatik


BMBF – Federal Ministry of Education and Research


March 2017 until February 2020